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Pointing Out Painfully Common Side Effects of High Heel Shoes

June 07, 2017

Pointing Out Painfully Common Side Effects of High Heel Shoes

Metatarsalgia, pump bump, and ankle injuries are all common side effects to prolonged wear of high heel shoes. While most women in heels are all too familiar with the pain and discomfort from their favorite pair of shoes, most are unaware of these technical side effect.

Pump Bump 

Strappy heels can be the most sexiest style of high heel shoe to adorn a delectable outfit, but wearers beware...The rigid backs or straps of high heels can irritate the heal, creating a bony enlargement also known as Haglund's deformity.

Ankle Injuries
Most of us have walked a million steady miles in 6-inch heels without skipping a beat. However, high heels can impair balance, putting a wearer at a greater risk of falling, which could lead to a sprained and or broken ankle.

How do you even say that!? We'll try sounding it out later. For now, let's chat about it's meaning. Moreover, how our weight impacts our level of pain in prolonged use of high heels. We're born with feet that are supposed to stay flat on the earth but (thankfully) the gods of fashion were not having it! Now we're walking around hiked up nearly 8-inches with our body weight redistributed and focused on the balls of our feet. Therein lies the pain. Wearers will definitely be in search for a comfy place to take a load off after so many hours.

Achilles Tendon
We all have one that goes down the back of leg into our foot. When the front of the foot moves down in relation to the heel, the Achillies tendon tightens up. The higher the heel is, the shorter the tendon becomes, creating intense heel pain.

Yikes! I'm sure you know exactly what this is. It's when your shoe is like a narrow toebox that pushes the smaller toes into a bent position at the middle joint. Well, eventually the muscles in the second, third and fourth toes become unable to straighten, even when your shoe are off!

Well, there you have it...I'm sure you recognize the pain, but now you can identify the cause and be more mindful of solutions like Shoe Gummi--great for minimizing the pain of Metatarsalgia, by redistributing your weight more evenly, taking the pressure and pain away from the ball of your fee.